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What will I tell my son about EXAMS?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020


Written 9th Dec, 2014

There is a lot I wish to write about Exams. Yeah! those school exams / college exams / entrance exams.

"Exams are important but that does not mean that if you do not perform well in an exam then it is the end of everything. You always have another chance... You can give the exam again and be successful...."

Many of you might have felt nice reading till here.

The above thought is okay if it is thought after the exams are over and have not been so well. But it is completely WRONG to keep this thought while preparing for the exam which has become the common trend.

Treat exams as challenges or stages of game which you want to win. Try to win in it like you want to have the highest score or like being the first to clear the levels of a game.

And if you lose then don't get depressed - RESTART the Game or CHANGE the Game.


I have seen various people raising questions like what is the use of these exams or what is the use of the subjects being taught to us?

As per my view, there is a lot to learn from exams and the subjects taught to us. May be some of the subjects might not be so useful to a specific set of people but in order to make that specific set of people satisfied things cannot be generalized for all. Don't start writing in the comment sections about the subjects you hated the most. (For me it was Social Studies).

I LOVE MATHS. I have often seen many posts on Maths asking what is the use of these now in my life while at job / business.

I believe MATHS is something which stimulates your brain. It can help you in faster decision making. You can analyze the pros and cons of a situation faster if you are good at maths and VICE VERSA. Being good at maths does not only mean being good at solving Calculus/Algebra.

I often give online aptitude tests or do some maths orally in mind while doing day to day calculations for making my brain work faster. Every sum/rider which we solve while at school/college, is like a challenge which we face in our career - be it at job or business or even personal life. If in the REAL SENSE someone who has been good at those while he was at school/college will definitely find it easier to progress. That does not mean the others won't. The others will learn it later by experience.

That's what is the difference between EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE.


I will definitely agree to someone's disagreement on the above line with an argument that some things can only be learnt by Experience.

But the one who learns or rather educates himself by his own experiences along with other's experiences also will have a better probability of succeeding.

To conclude, do not regret on what the academics are because they are not going to change so soon, but yes make sure you make efforts if you can, to play a part in improving the content of academics for future generation. Try to see everything from a view which can help you to EDUCATE yourself.


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